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“What made you get into the lash industry and start this empire?”

“That one is easy. To create and inspire artists. Ever since I became an educator I was able to let the minds of aspiring artists pour out their creativity and their heart. To mould their passions into dreams and make it a reality?
That is the best reward in life.”

Donna Pauletto from East Vancouver started in the beauty industry in 2010 and realized her passion for creating masterpieces wouldn’t ever allow her to stop at just that.

She started with basic certifications in classic, volume, mega volume and lash lifting. Quickly becoming addicted to her personal growth and with experience and continuance of dedication she started an academy.

Donna now runs Glo Lashes Professional and empowers men and women everywhere by educating and allowing them to live out their dreams. She has also created a product line with a team of professionals who acquire extensive knowledge and abilities to design and formulate exquisite merchandise with high superior quality.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

– Donna Pauletto

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