Lil Bow Peepster

CAD $35.99

Our brand new highly requested Inner + outer corner specialty placement tweezer. Designed especially for master artists looking to elongate and accentuate the natural curvature of the eye by getting deep inner to outer corner coverage with even the shortest of lengths! Inner and outer corner placement has never been easier, this tweezer is perfect for fan making as well as placement on the tricky areas as well as the core of the eye! Crafted from 100% Japanese steel, gummy coated for all day comfort! * please note the gummy coating should not be soaked in acetone or preempt CS 20! Simply soak the tip of the tweezer in the disinfectant of your choice and spray the shaft of the tweezer with 70% alcohol for perfect disinfection!

60 days do not rust warranty. GLO SALON AND LASH SUPPLY is not responsible for dropped or compromised tweezer caused by client’s used.

Please note our gummy grip tweezers should only be soaked in preempt up until the point of the colour coating then they should be disinfected with 70% alcohol! If the gummy coding is soaked in high level disinfectant it will peel off!

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