Supernatural Bond Adhesive

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This adhesive will make history within the lash industry, it is by far the most innovative formula Lashgod has ever created. Over a year in the making, this adhesive is revolutionary because it is the first adhesive that is 1/10 fume level, has a .5 second, INSTANT CONTACT dry time and is FREE of Butyl based Cyanoacrylate while still maintaining 8-10 week retention. Butyl Cyanoacrylate is the main bonding ingredient in 99.9% of adhesives but is also the #1 cause of allergies, eye irritation and redness. This adhesive is oil resistant.. yes you heard it oil resistant because is made from carrot seed oil.

This adhesive dries instantly on contact when it touches the moisture in the natural lash. Our substitute for butyl-based Cyanoacrylate is the extremely mild 2-methoxyethyl acrylate This adhesive has a medium viscosity and is extremely elastic, it moves with the natural lash for high performance lasting retention. Jet black in colour will give your client an instant eyeliner effect when lashes are applied.

This adhesive has the longest shelf life on the market 10 months unopened and 3+ months opened with correct storage. This adhesive functions in 5% -90% humidity making it an amazing option for lash artists worldwide even in extremely hot countries. This lash adhesive will change lash extensions as we know it. A new era of retention and a new solution for the most sensitive of clients. Finally, clients and lash techs with ongoing adhesive sensitivities may be the solution for you!

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  • Dry time: instant (.2-.5 seconds)
  • Viscosity: MediumElasticity: HIGH
  • Colour: jet black
  • Humidity 5%-90%
  • Fume level: 1/10
  • Shelf life: 5 months unopened
  • Opened:3 months
  • Ideal temperature: 12-24 degrees Celsius
  • Skill level: expert
  • Oil PROOF Adhesive ingredients: 2-methoxyethyl acrylate, dimethyl silicone polymer with silica( from the acrylate family 2-methoxyethyl acrylate is the mildest form of acrylate, our medical-grade clinically tested formula releases low fumes or irritation causing properties), carrot seed oil extract, black pigment, water.
  • Free of formaldehyde, latex and odour and high fume ingredients; Butyl. Safe to use with all primers, sealants and retention extenders. Every sensitive client who has experienced past Cyanocrylate allergies is different and should ALWAYS patch test before receiving a full set as Acrylate allergies can be to the only Cyanoacrylate or to all forms of acrylate. Our medical-grade 2-methoxyethyl acrylate formula is extremely sensitive and fast-drying, in combination with supernatural bond certified lash technicians should place lashes a minimum of 1mm from the base of the lash line to avoid irritation on previously reactant clients. Supernatural bond is an excellent choice for non-reactant clients as well as it has low fumes, instant dry time and impeccable retention!
  • Store in a cool dry environment when not in use or in a small container of rice. *shake well for one minute before use Our carrot oil formula allows for lashes to be nourished even with lash extensions, SUPERNATURAL bond promotes growth and healthy natural lashes. *for certified professionals only*

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